Wednesday, January 20, 2010

patterns patterns patterns

Spring 2010 = patterns. PATTERNS!
Rachel and Taylor both know missmatching is the best matching?
The old rule of wearing only one print can be boring, mixing different prints has become an art in fashion.
cut outs
A printed scarf is perfect if you don't want to go all crazy with patterns.
pics via lefashion collegecandy and tfs
Ladies, really nothing is one dimensional so rock the look and be a little Betty crazy!


Tee Sea said...

Love the mixture of prints and patterns - it's really not as difficult to pull off as many people might think.

please visit my blogs :)

Anonymous said...

The fashionistas of the world will soon find out about!

You really have some very cute and unique outfits!

Also enjoy reading your daily blogs and terrific pics!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Golden Pony!