Monday, February 8, 2010

muse of the week: mary-kate olsen

Muse of the week Mary-Kate Olsen requires no introduction! The actress/business mogul/writer/twin/model/slave for fashion has one of the most coveted sense of fashion today, and serves as a muse to myriad demographics.

photos via Nylon

Channeling MK: layer loose clothing, statement accessories, loose band tees, mixing patterns, head wraps, bangles + rings, crazy prints, bohemian frocks.

photos via Elle

photo via Vogue Italia
photo via E!Online

photo via MSNBC Media

MK easily transitions from day to night while still retaining the hobo + boho chic flare! Muses are used as a source of inspiration to create (fashion, art, film, music, etc.). How do our muses inspire you?

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Anonymous said...

Your muses really do inspire me...they give me the confidence I need to say..."I can do that! I can mix and match, put unusual things together, throw on some bangles, a scarf, mix patterns and be okay with it!" Why not!? It's fun!