Friday, February 26, 2010

the weeks end: retro chic

Today more than ever, we are witnessing the revival of decades before us on the runway, and the streets! Retro is back, and fashionistas around the globe are putting their 2010 stamps on it!


pics via

Now that we've stimulated your senses, and made you want to tear apart l'armoire--here are some tips to get you started via your fave fashionistas.


bold colored tights paired with mix/matched dresses

knee high socks


tailored trousers

high waisted skirts

booties/ classic preppy heels

cropped trench coats

delicate floral prints

jean shorts

mini bags


tousled hairdos


Don't forget-- the fun is in adding y-o-u to these retro chic ensembles! Send photos to Golden Pony of your hot retro chic looks via!

Ciao! xo

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Anonymous said...

You really do the GREATEST blogs...You give inspiration to so many of us! THANKS!!!!