Friday, March 26, 2010

the weeks end: party dress

This weeks end calls for party time! It's time to jump start spring break with the girls, whether you're in LA, New York, Miami, Paris, or London! There is a perfect dress for every girl, and if need be--GP has you covered in the inspiration department!


You can bare all, or cover up --either way you're still sizzling on the dance floor! It's how you own your look that determines your glam.

photos via harper's bazaar/teen vogue/vogue/modelina/wordpress/

Don your fave LBD in myriad ways with killer heels, and statement accessories!

It's party time glam-u-tants!

Ciao xo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Think I'll wear a dress when I go out this weekend!!! You have really inspired me...I have so many I just don't wear them!

Should I pic one that's sweet, sexy, edgey,sultry, dainty, lady-like or sophisticated!?!?

Have a great weekend.

Also think those GP dreses are just too cute!